Earn a passive income with a Blog

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Passive income 1.5$/click

 Google AdSense earnings. You get payed from Google for letting them place Ads on your website

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2000+ monthly searches

Organic traffic due to SEO and unique content 

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100% Working

Limited count only. Grab yours today!

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100% Satisfaction guaranteed

 30 days money back guarantee

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Fast delivery

Receive your website within 5 days after payment

Micro Niche Sites


How can I get a passive income from a Website?

The answer is simple: Advertising! 
You have probably already noticed how the Internet is flooded with advertising. Advertisements on the Internet are more popular than ever! And you are certainly also aware that this advertising is paid for. Because advertising space is expensive. The more advertising there is, the more expensive it becomes. The advertisers pay Google to place the advertising and Google pays the owners of Internet sites for the advertising space.

How it works?

I will create you a website (Blog) that is SEO-optimized so that it has a good position in the Google ranking and gets a lot of searches. This leads to many visitors (traffic). By registering the page on Google AdSense you get paid from Google to your connected bank account for every visitor/click on your page. This leads to a monthly income of 100-300$ . There are also already much higher amounts. However, there is never a guarantee for clicks . 


Each website is built over a niche having an average CPC (cost-per-click) of $1.5, 2000+ monthly searches, ranking opportunities, etc... We are confident that our services will satisfy you at 100%. Money back guarantee if the site does not give good results within the 1st month of life.

Your Job

 What's your Job?

Actually you don't have to do anything. By adding new content you can increase the Google ranking which leads to even more traffic. Use your creativity if you like and write articles to express yourself to scale the Blog. Or just buy a couple of them and let them run and make pocket money for you.

         Specifications of every website

  • 1 niche with 2000+ monthly searches
  • 3-4 sub-niches
  • Exact domain match
  • 5 unique articles
  • Premium SEO-optimized theme
  • Professional logo
  • Footer links
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Pinterest board
  • 1 Video
  • Authorship
  • Website ping by all major search engines

Micro Niche Sites